Oki Kn

Sex Male
Level 210
Vocation Elite Knight
Last Login 03 December 2020 (12:59)
Czas Gry 3dni 8godzin 22minut
Achievement Points 1
House Blood Nossa, City
Status offline
Created 07 May 2020 (18:06)
150,902,356 210 5,175 1,633 200 5,535 41:85 8 10 10 73 18 10 74 10


Name Description Points
Allowance Collector You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain. 1


105/11/2020768380700h 0m 0s
206/11/2020768380700h 0m 0s
307/11/2020768380700h 0m 0s
408/11/202025532007178482002h 26m 56s
509/11/20202553200700h 0m 0s
610/11/20202553200700h 0m 0s
711/11/20202553200700h 0m 0s
812/11/20202891360733816000h 5m 53s
913/11/20202891360700h 0m 0s
1014/11/20203735228184386740h 52m 36s
1115/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1216/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1317/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1418/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1519/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1620/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1721/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1822/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
1923/11/20203735228100h 0m 0s
2024/11/20204362996162776809h 4m 53s
2125/11/20204362996100h 0m 0s
2226/11/20204362996100h 0m 0s
2327/11/202056754961131250000h 15m 57s
2428/11/20206155676148018003h 16m 53s
2529/11/2020101424961398682005h 3m 58s
2630/11/2020134160949327359885h 53m 15s
2701/12/2020147742646135816978h 57m 34s
2802/12/202015216932644266801h 14m 35s
2903/12/2020150902356-12669700h 7m 1s
3004/12/202015090235600h 0m 0s
3105/12/202015090235600h 0m 0s

Death List
03 December 2020 (12:59) Killed at level 211 by Behemoth (soloed)
01 December 2020 (12:10) Killed at level 203 by Demon (soloed)
30 November 2020 (12:02) Killed at level 188 by Roaring Water Elemental (soloed)
14 November 2020 (18:28) Killed at level 132 by Behemoth (soloed)
14 November 2020 (18:18) Killed at level 131 by Hydra (soloed)
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