Sex Male
Level 266
Vocation Sorcerer
Last Login 25 December 2020 (11:55)
Achievement Points 1
House Blood House 106, City
Status offline
Created 14 November 2020 (15:58)
307,413,726 266 2,329 829 200 4,860 42:00 66 11 10 18 10 15 23 10


Name Description Points
Allowance Collector You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain. 1


126/06/202130741372600h 0m 0s
227/06/202130741372600h 0m 0s
328/06/202130741372600h 0m 0s
429/06/202130741372600h 0m 0s
530/06/202130741372600h 0m 0s
601/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
702/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
803/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
904/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1005/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1106/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1207/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1308/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1409/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1510/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1611/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1712/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1813/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
1914/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2015/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2116/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2217/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2318/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2419/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2520/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2621/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2722/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2823/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
2924/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
3025/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s
3126/07/202130741372600h 0m 0s

Death List
03 December 2020 (21:16) Killed at level 265 by Warlock (soloed)
30 November 2020 (21:38) Killed at level 258 by Demon (soloed)
15 November 2020 (15:51) Killed at level 153 by Demon (soloed)
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